Yarn Dyeing


First dyed Sock Yarn

June 1, 2011 at 12:56 pm » Hille

This is my first attempt to hand dye sock yarn!

I used undyed hanks (75% virgin wool 25% nylon) from Schoppel Wolle. The other yarn qualities appeal to me as well, I think I will give them a try next time!

The textile colours come from Finland (EMO Textile Colours – see for example German online shop Decolorist). The results are great, you need very little colour to produce saturated hues, for pastels naturally even less so I think the colours are really efficient! Of course you can blend whatever you like to reach more hues.

Best for me is that you can use the dye in a “cold process” and fix it later for some minutes in the microwave. Very uncomplicated and it really makes fun!